VIII WORLD SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS — GENEVA SCIENCE, EDUCATION, CULTURE AND PEACE Participants  for VIII th World Scientific Congress at UNO HEAD QUARTERS,  GENEVA from 11th — 13th December — 2017


No Country Surname First name


Title of Dissertation
1 Sri Lanka Jayasekara


Jayantha Sisira Kumara


The War on Terror and the Media


2 Sri Lanka Rajapaksha Pathirage


Bro Pubudu Rajapaksha


Unemployment and  inflation


3 Sri Lanka Ranasinghe


Hangidi Gedara Manjula


Educated youth unemployment in Sri Lanka


4 Sri Lanka Azeem




Respect life — Womb to Tomb


5 Sri Lanka Jayamanna Mohottige Dona




Parliament affairs and Hansard publishing


6 Sri Lanka Abbas




The impact of poverty on Education and Health of children


7 Sri Lanka Aviruppola


Mudiyanselage Dayaratna Punchibanda


Hand For a Land
8 Sri Lanka Sondapperuma Arachchige


Ranjith Samaranayake


Nation’s internal Security and International opinion
9 Sri Lanka Mohamed   Sharif


Mohamed Rasheed


The importance of Human Affection and  love


10 Sri Lanka Hettige




Ayurveda Medicines for Physical, Intellectual convivial and Insubstantial wellness of the human kind


11 Sri Lanka Jayasinghe


Gamini Priyantha


Co-intervention of Meditation and Psychology towards Management of Future Psychiatry


12 Sri Lanka Wickramasinghe


Kumara Hemenatha


Ayurvedic understanding of Hypertension / High Blood Pressure


13 Sri Lanka Samarasekara Welikalage Don Eranga Harshana Safe transportation of an injured patient to a hospital
14 France Kerkiacharian Agop Medicine
15 Russia Jayasekera Santhi Pushpa Kumara TV & Cinema
16 Switzerland Egli Thomas information technology
17 Korea Hwang Sang Keung Korean Arts
18 France Valentin Marcel Medicine
19 Russia Luchkevich Vladimir Luchkevich V. S., Marinicheva G. N., Samsonova T. V. «Methodology of use of criteria of quality of life when assessing the effectiveness of socially-oriented, health, environmental and preventive activities»
20 Russia Maikova Nina Informative medicine is in the modern world
21 Russia Potemkina Larisa Alternative medicine is in the modern world
22 Russia Galtsev Yuri «Vitamedin M in the complex therapy of tuberculosis»
23 France Coudreuse Jean-Marie Medicine
24 Lituvania Juknevicus Valdas Manual therapy
25 Lituvania Yoksiene Irena Professional cosmetology
26 Spain Martin Williem Managerial Economics
27 Russia Shemanskaya Rena Science Medical-Technical
28 Russia Guliev Musa Education in the process of globalization and threat national safety
29 Russia Bondarenko Valentina The influence of cosmic cycles on the metahistory of the humanity of our planet
30 Russia Trakhtenberg Gennady Energy systyem
32 Russia Kuris Irina Transpersonal’naya psychology and yoga-dance
35 Russia Podshibyakin Sergei «Fights On The Line» as a universal means of international communication
36 Lebanon Arabi Lotfi Sami Psychology
37 London Ali Mir Maqsood Education Consultant
38 Russia Rogaleva Liubov Modern scientific-organizational forms of international cooperation to ensure environmental safety of man and nature
40 Finland Reinikainen Veera Arts & Culture
41 Finland Reinikainen Leo Arts & Culture
42 Iran Mohammadi Mohieddin Futures Contract From the Perspective of Islamic law and Establishment

of Muslim Countries Stock Markets

43 Iran Sabouri Ghasemali Futures Contract From the Perspective of Islamic law and Establishment

of Muslim Countries Stock Markets

44 Russia Loshkariov Mikhail Yurisprudence
45 Russia Shestopalov Sergey «3D-Horoscope»
46 Russia Molchanova Olga «Cosmopsychophysiological factors of compatibility»
47 Russia Iaichnikov Igor Sporting medical system
48 Russia Zhuravleva Irina 1.The spiritual heritage of Russia: «Country of Towns» in the Southern Urals. The scientific aspect

(Russian Academy of Natural Sciences / Noospheric branch)


(Russian State University of Justice)

51 Russia Tolsky Sergey Noospheric  technologies  in  the  development  and  recovery  of  nations
52 India Kukreja Santosh Yoga and meditation
53 Russia Zuykov Yury The potential of sound in the sphere of harmony between man and space.

(ZhivAtma Center)



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